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Sunday, February 15, 2009

this thing rusted shut?  xox

Monday, October 15, 2007

::: home :::

All the rumors are true! Just thought I'd come clean here, on the Internets. For all the (tiny subset of the) world to see. :) Penn Atticus was born in Davis on August 26. Both of us are doing really well, and Penn's dad has been a real inspiration. If there were a Nobel Prize for soothing (of baby and mom alike) and diaper-changing, he would be the first recipient.

No real plans have materialized yet, but the intention is still to go on tour with a new album in April of oh-eight. With or without Penn remains to be seen. (Anyone with nannying inclinations, do email.) Until then, I'm lying low. Much love to you all!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

::: davis, ca :::

Eureka! I have unlocked the mysteries of PayPal. Now you can preorder the new album without ever leaving the comfort of your computer. Check it out: http://lisharvey.com/music/preorder.php
So. Proud. To be online!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

::: packing for tour :::

After years of traveling the world, making headline news at every turn and visiting the most exclusive nightclubs to discover "what's hot" in pop music... wait a minute. That's Paris Hilton. I am Lis Harvey. And I don't know what's hot! But I do know what's fun: new music, immediate satisfaction, and thimbles. I've spent a couple of recent weeks in various retreat/recording modes, and things are sounding amazing in the studio. This time around, I am controlling all the levers and switches (and "mwa-ha-ha"s and bubbling beakers full of green fluid). And I am so very, very pleased to announce that a new album will be born in June next year! Featuring... all new songs! I'm even happier to say that you can preorder the CD right now, granting yourself both immediate satisfaction and points toward sainthood.

In more immediate news, I'm taking some new songs on the road. My "Sharp As A Thimble" tour starts in California this weekend, and will be coming soon to a venue near you... if you live in CA, OR, WA, MT, ND, WI, IL, NH, MA or NY. Please come and say hi! I've named the tour after our president - um, I mean a lyric in a new tune. And thanks to the machine shop at the University of California, you'll be able to examine an exciting (if overly literal) new line of Lis Harvey tour merchandise: sharp-as-a-thimble necklaces! They are wicked neat, if I do say so myself. Very Antiques-Roadshow. Many of the thimbles are, in fact, antiques, and over half of them came from the UK. On little thimble boats. With little thimble suitcases and tiny thimble children. Each one has been fashioned into a pendant on a silver-plated, ball-bead chain. (Not the young ones, of course.) You can order them off the website as long as I have them on hand: www.lisharvey.com/music/merch.php Tshirts are so June 2006. Sewing notions are the wave of the future! That's all I've got for now. Thimbles and music and love, oh my...

Monday, June 26, 2006

::: online! :::

No Hummers! (We're really more of a 1983 honda civic kind of clan.) Ever wonder who I'm related to? Besides my birth moms, PJ & Liz? Well, this doesn't biologically answer that question (either), but here are my cousins Charlotte & Rachel, online with an amazing new website about their documentary, Rachel Is. You can get a peep at my lovely Aunt Jane, the author, as well. In addition to its being an adorable display of my kin, this website will be of particular interest to anyone who believes in civil rights for all, and in the fair treatment of mentally challenged people in America. If you want to read about why there are no Hummers involved, click on the FAQ.


(... so proud!)

Monday, May 08, 2006

::: on tour :::

My new favorite flower is this pink poppy. There is a frothing sea of these near my house, even more splendid than this picture. And I am afraid they will be gone when I get back...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

::: davis, ca :::

I have a journal entry for you... but it's in the form of a new blog entry on MySpace. I promise, it is full of fun with cake and beef! Check it out here: http://myspace.com/lisharvey . I just posted it today. More on my recent tour with Girlyman soon...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

::: davis, ca :::

It is wet and foggy in my new bioregion. Not frozen, which is great. I have to say I don't much miss the stiff-toe season in Wisconsin. But there is mud here to slip you up, and snails without shells to carefully step around... and murky, murky fog & mist. At least there was last night... which means... mushrooms! And beautiful rings around the full moon - but that's another story. Mycology, here I come! (Means mushroomology.) I think I may just need to learn which fungi are edible and which are not. So I'm putting on my nerd specs and heading to a club meeting of the Mycological Society this evening. I'll report back. If I don't, you'll know I've eaten something deadly. xox

Monday, June 20, 2005

::: mankato, mn :::
(written june 17, in the seethingly hot afternoon)

Fargo is the center of the cosmos. (It’s possible.) Well, at least it’s a nice place. So nice. I worked my knuckles to the bone (2 shows and a radio thing in one day), but I had such a floaty experience there. Fennel and beets in a salad! Salad, can you believe - not something I was expecting to enjoy in in North Dakota. But oh, the Ho-Do Lounge. And the kindness of everyone I met. The Roys, the Sarahs, the Catherines, the Mikes… the one and only Deb. If it weren’t for the extraordinary people that floored me, I would have drifted down the Red River on a little puff of bliss.

And then, last night, I did An Adult Thing. (I’m tempted to add “Evil” between article and adjective.) With my night off, I chose a perfect little campsite in some sanguine southwestern Minnesota state park. Thursday, night off, Lis-sized tent and shiny moon all to myself… all was right with the world. Until my neighbors showed up. All 12 of them, in various loud cars with various loud beverages. Little did I know my night off was the local college-keg-party-at-the-campground night. And, hey, I was in college. I remember high school, too. Parties in the woods, sexual tension and beer, shots of thinly-veiled grain alcohol. Laughter and mysterious vomit on tennis shoes. It is just about all that keeps a teenager sane. So I sympathize. I strongly sympathize. And I empathize, too, and relate… until it is 4 am. Then I do the Adult Thing. I can’t add “Evil,” because I refrained from mentioning the leafy drugs to the cops when I called. It was a selfish act. College careers could have been ended (underagers were present, as it turned out). But it was so much quieter once the po-po arrived. And it was so, so quiet when they left. Peepers were heard. A hoot owl asserted herself.

That’s all for this upper-midwest tour. Today it is so hot, my acrylics thought about melting off my nails. Another radio thing this morning, involving the word “squetish” (squirrel fetish). I hope this installment isn’t too depressing, what with me turning Adult and all. Wish I’d made a little entry during my excursion to Kansas earlier this month – that would have been a bit more child-y. That was the most brilliant camping experience of my life. For your own inner kid, check out Council Grove, KS next time you’re on your way to Denver. In a car.


Friday, June 10, 2005

::: between legs :::

Hey, all. Thought I'd dust off the journal between legs of the tour, here. Kansas last weekend, North Dakota & Minnesota next. There was a dead squirrel visible out the window of the apartment this morning. Slumped in the shade of a Mazda. T said "is that a dead squirrel?" I said I strongly doubted it. The squirrels in these parts are bushy-tailed and healthy. But then I looked and it seemed pretty dead, its body sort of draped over this cement piling in a very un-frisky manner. I whistled at it, just to make certain, and the carcass turned its head to look at me. Not dead, just moving with the speed of a snail. I have seen baby squirrels, injured and dying squirrels, dead squirrels and even coal black squirrels in Canada - but today was my first encounter with a sun-stroked squirrel.

The tour bus (very very small "bus") is in the shop today, and I am stuck watching through the tempered, cool glass of a wireless cafe as other sun-stroked beings stagger the streets. I ordered iced tea, and was surprised to recieve a glass of yellow liquid. Definitely tea, but the color is distinctly that other word that rhymes with tea. Beyond a certain threshold of heat, however, I will drink anything cold. xox

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

::: dover, nh :::

I'm still humming a little from the Ottawa Folk Festival - what a complete blast. Franti, Arlo, Natalia Zukerman (check her out! I'm in awe), Harry Manx... Joe and I totally enjoyed.

Now it's humid and swollen in NH, the day before September - that month when everything changes. I'm playing tonight with two of the three guys I made the new record with, and that's going to be astro. 8:30 if you are reading and in striking distance with NH, come. This show was just tossed together like a week ago, so a good opportunity to hear us kick ass in an intimate way. (what does that mean, lis? << a valid question, and i don't know. you just have to let us kick you in the ass, and then i think you'll get it too.)

yay! What am i eating right now? Love food with that new chipotle Tabasco sauce on it... love potato chips right now, and nectarines. Also trail mix. With sunflower seeds. And, hmm... I can't wait to see you guys on the road. Buh!


Monday, August 23, 2004

::: sunny madison, wi :::

Do check out the new single "four-thirty" ... and let me know what you think! It's the first track from the new CD, which hits Canada on August 24 and the US on August 31.

Also, you can request to hear it on folk radio stations in the Northeast US, Ontario Canada, and in Honolulu & a few places in Alaska. List of stations/djs coming soon. This sort of thing really helps (requesting a song).

Look for yet another streaming track from the new CD toward the end of July...